To keep your car in top shape, most car manufacturers recommend servicing your car every 6 months, or every 10,000 kilometres. Not only does this save you money while keeping your car on the road, but also puts your mind at ease every time you travel with your family, knowing that you are keeping them safe.

We offer new car warranty servicing as done by the dealer hand book.
You can be assured that the parts  used are of the best quality including genuine filters if pre organised.
This will not only save you $$$ rather than at the dealer but all of this is available at your home or office....
Therefore saving you precious time and money.

Every car service from Geale's Mobile Auto Repairs will undergo a thorough check including all fluids which are topped up if needed, as well as brakes, tyres, suspension check, engine drive belts check and lights. Only quality parts are used for replacement and car is road tested prior to handover with a full written report.  


Whether your brakes are noisy, grinding, vibrating, pulling to one side, or if you have a low brake pedal, we can fix it...

We can attend to:

Brake pads & brake 

system flushing

Disc rotors,

Wheel cylinders,

Brake shoes,

Disc and drum machining, Handbrake adjustment,

Brake lines,  and

Master cylinder replacement,